The Sacraments

What are the sacraments?  We believe God uses ordinary items in the world like water, bread and wine to help us connect with God and our community, as well as loving our neighbors.

The two sacraments we practice are Baptism and and Holy Communion (The Eucharist or gift).

In the United Methodist tradition, the sacrament of Holy Communion is open; one doesn't have to be a member of the church. The table is hosted by Christ and he serves all who come to be fed. We also encourage those who worship online to join us in Holy Communion each first Sunday at 9 & 11 am. We believe that this meal gathers and re-members the community, re-knits is and nourishes to serve Christ in the world. We remember who we are, who loves us and loves all.

Here's a testimony by one of our young students.TheSacramentswText2

This is Annie from Hendrix. I didn't feel well enough when I woke up this morning to get to Trinity or Conway FUMC in time, so I Livestreamed the 11 o clock service I would have been at. What you said encouraged me to join in with Trinity for Communion--I've been wanting to get re-plugged even though I live in Conway now and joining in from my dorm room and was a good start. I had a cranberry juice and cracker communion and my alter rail was my fold up dorm chair, ha! :) thank you so much for that.

Member Annie Meek

Baptism is a sign of our entrance into the community of faith and Christ's universal church not one congregation.

We baptize infants because we also believe that God's grace is actively at work on us (preparatory grace) from the very beginning.  Parents don't have to baptize their infants, but when they do they must be willing to take the vows for the child until the child can go through confirmation and learn about the church.  At that point the older child has an opportunity to claim (justifying grace--the grace in which we become aware of God's love). The promises the parents made on their behalf. When the child or young adult claims these vows for himself he begins the process of growing perfect in love sanctifying grace--the grace that helps us love God and neighbor more perfectly as we learn more about God's love and grace.

Unlike some other churches we recognize baptism from other denominations because grace in the sacrament comes from God, not one congregation. Once is enough! God gets it right the first time! Adults may, of course, also be baptized if they have not after consultation with the pastor.

We recognize three modes of applying the water:  sprinkling, pouring and immersion.  Immersion must take place at another location since our church doesn't have a baptistery. Again, we don't believe immersion is necessary; God can use any amount of water. We will make arrangements for immersion, however, if someone desires that mode.