Believer's Village

The Workshop Rotation Model (WRM) was developed to address the many different learning styles of children. Workshops included art, drama, audiovisual, music, kitchen, computers, bible stories and games. Classes rotate each week for 5 weeks learning the same Bible story in each workshop. Workshop teachers stay they do not rotate with the children. Each class has a Believer Buddy that rotates with them each week. For additional information on Believer’s Village, please contact Mr. Paul in the church office (501) 666-2813.

Salt of the Earth
In this room, children eat and prepare food as an illustration of the Bible story, whether in direct relation to the story or as a symbol. This room can even have a scientific emphasis with real experiments!

Cinema on the Mount
This is one of our most popular workshops! In this room, children explore the Bible story by watching a video followed by discussion time. Sometimes, we even create our own video. Popcorn and REAL theater seats complete this experience!

Temple Tales
Listen to a storyteller (in first person) and experience activities related to the Bible story. Children are immersed in “Bible Times” culture complete with a Bedouin tent, Persian rugs, floor pillows and even a fire pit!

Parable Players
In this room, children interpret the Bible story through body movement, physical activities, and games. This room provides an opportunity for children to express themselves through acting, wearing “Bible Times” costumes, using props, and playing musical instruments. Our drama room even has it’s own dressing room, stage, stage lights and bench seating!

Heavenly Knowledge
Hands down this is the favorite workshop in all of “the village”. In this room, children discover Bible skills while using the computer to learn and interpret the Bible story. Children also experience the geography of the Bible and learn what is happening in the world today with an emphasis on church missions and service!

Inspired Creations
Forget the craft sticks, markers and paper…in this room, children relate the story using art! Our art room is outfitted with artist stools and counter height tables, brightly colored walls and even a kiln to fire pottery. In this room, the emphasis is on art, rather than crafts!

Believers' Village Open House
In late August of 2003, Believers' Village, our Rotational Sunday School for grades 1-5, opened its doors to the children of Trinity and provided a brand new model for the Sunday School experience. A Dream/Design Team and total church-wide volunteer effort, led by Trinity's Children's Education Director Tisha Gribble, transformed existing adult Sunday School classes in the Taylor Building into a Bible times village. This unique concept offered the teaching of Bible stories and concepts through the use of storytelling, arts and crafts, movie film clips, drama, singing, puppetry, Bible games, and computer technology. A few years later, science was added to the curriculum. And, in the near future, video production and news casting hopefully will be added. The Village now celebrates its 10th anniversary and invites the Trinity church family to come take a look at the process of our Rotational Sunday School program. On Sunday, September 29, citizens of the Village will be learning about Adam and Eve through computer technology (Heavenly Knowledge), cooking (Salt of the Earth), dramatic performance (Parable Players), science exploration (Inspired Creations), and Bible storytelling and crafts (Temple Tales). Please come visit our working Village from 10:00~11:00am and see our children actively involved in their faith journey.