Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we decide to give?

Jesus had a lot to say about money and giving. He required his followers to serve God, not wealth.  In the parable of the talents, Jesus taught that God holds each of us accountable for what we do with our personal resources. In short, Jesus taught sacrifice and generosity. There are over 2,300 verses in the Bible that tell us to be generous and good stewards of what God has given us.

What is expected of me?

Trinity celebrates the joy of giving our time, talents, gifts and service. This guide is meant to help you on your journey to financial generosity. Do you know what percentage of your income you give to God? The Bible teaches us to give a tithe (the first 10 percent) of our earnings to God and the work of the church.

10 percent? Seriously?

Yes! For people who have experienced the real joy of giving to God, 10% is a starting point, and they actually give more. For others, giving one tenth is a difficult goal. The important thing is to start somewhere.

 How do I get started?

First, pray and ask God to give you guidance in selecting a percentage of your income that is appropriate to your means and reflects your faith that God will provide for your needs. If you have already been giving a percentage – say 3% – consider trusting God and adding 1% each year until you reach the tithing goal. Choose an amount that you can give weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a useful tool that can help you develop the habit of regular giving. When you complete your commitment card, include the EFT information and attach a voided check for the account you will use.

 Why should I use a commitment card?

There are two reasons why it is important for every Trinity member to return a commitment card. First, the process of prayerfully asking God to guide your decision, then making a commitment to serve the Lord with your financial gifts is an act of worship, an expression of gratitude and praise to God.  Secondly, your commitment enables our church to plan a budget effectively, allocating funds to our various ministries and long-term objectives.

 Do I need to return a commitment card every year?

Yes. Financial situations change from year to year, and if we are growing in faith, our annual commitment should reflect that growth. (If you are using EFT, you’ll need to re-authorize recurring drafts.) Each year, our church budget is based upon both the growing needs and commitments of our congregation. New members help us grow! 

 What if financial hardship prohibits me from making a commitment each year?

Above all, remember that the Trinity community embraces you, regardless of your capacity to give. Don’t let your inability to give keep you from worship and participating in life at the church. We ask that you return a commitment card even if your financial commitment is limited. You can always adjust your commitment when your situation changes. And be sure to let the pastoral staff know about your circumstances so they can pray for and support you and connect you with possible support resources. Email the pastoral staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..