Hall High School

Part of serving the wider community is our church’s interest in improving public education.  We have a partnership with Brady Elementary, and now are supporting Hall High School For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The three areas of support are:

1. Tutoring - the school has before and after school tutoring opportunities currently only done by teachers.  People who have tutored at Brady are immediately eligible to tutor at Hall.

2. School supplies - the students often attend classes unprepared with the necessary school supplies - requiring teachers to provide often from their own pocket. We propose to stock a cabinet in the counseling area from which the teachers can replenish their classroom supplies. We also want to do a drive within Trinity for Texas Instrument calculators for advanced math students who cannot afford them.

3. Child health and nutrition - there is an after school program for young mothers who need basic instruction of how to care for their baby's health. We have two people interested in teaching classes on child healthcare.

Ongoing: We want to keep supplies stocked, so donations are always appreciated.

Summer 2015 we want to remodel the teachers' lounges to send a message that they have their communities' love and support.