Practicing Silence in God's Presence

Silence is not always golden.  Most of us are not used to it in our prayer life. We think of prayer as the following:  1) It’s something we do at church.  2) It’s something someone else does for us.  3) It’s asking God for specifics and what we think God should be doing.  4) It’s about us doing the talking. 

Yet, the Bible shows us that prayer is about us listening so we can learn what God wants us to do!  

Therefore, we're focusing our church's current prayer emphasis on Listening for God in 2014.  We will start it in Lent, but we won’t finish there.  We’ll be learning about listening for God all year.   Please try some of the following resources to help you.  If you need more guidance, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Silence Resources

  • AR House of Prayer 
  • Labyrinths (Pulaski Heights UMC, Christ Church Episcopal, AR Children's Hospital family, and St. Luke Episcopal in NLR
  • Hesychia House  
  • Centering Prayer books:
           Open Mind, Open Heart - Thomas Keating
           Into the Silent Land - Martin Laird
           Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening - Cynthia Bourgeault