Sermon Series-"Modern Family"

1/4/15-9am nontraditional service- The Marriage Mission

1/4/15-11am service-The Marriage Mission

1/11/15-9am nontraditional service-I Don't Understand You {vimeo}116482398(/vimeo}

1/11/15-11am service-I Don't Understand You {vimeo}116482399{/vimeo}

1/18/15-9am nontraditional service-It's More Than Sex

1/18/15-11am service-It's More Than Sex

1/25/15-9am nontraditional service-Familiarity Breeds Love

1/25/15-11am service-Familiarity Breeds Love

2/1/15-9am non traditional service-Wrecking Balls, Gridlock and X Factors

2/1/15-11am service-Wrecking Balls, Gridlock and X Factors

2/8/15- 9am nontraditional service-A Shared Meaning: Love That Lasts

2/8/15-11am service-A Shared Meaning: Love that Lasts