Trinity UMC Strategic Planning

Schedule of Strategic Planning Dates    All church members and ongoing visitors are invited to the following Strategic Planning Sessions which will be held in the sanctuary every second Sunday from 3-4:30 p.m.  Sessions can also be viewed online at Live Streaming.  Comments may also be made online to the Screen Team.  

Miss a Strategic Planning Session?  View the past sessions by clicking on the links below.
Why Participate?  If you love Trinity and want Trinity to become the most vital congregation for our community so that we can change lives and make disciples in the 21st century, we must look at where we are, and where our community is to most effectively reach our mission field. You are part of that process.  Encourage others to attend.

Mission Insite Data  Please study the extensive data to understand more about our neighborhood, and to participate most fully in the Strategic Planning sessions.  You may find the data listed below and the type of data represented.  

Mission Insite demographic documents.

The reports listed below refer to groupings of lifestyle types in the community. They call these "Mosaic Groups."

An overview of these three reports are:

1. Full Insite -- contains a comprehensive, quantitative, 33-page extensive demographic portrait of the defined study area.

2. Impressions -- provides a 5-page view of the character of the area: its mood, values, and polarities.

3. Quad -- a special report, based on a project called Quadrennium, which provides a projection of the likely religious beliefs, preferences, and practices for the defined study area.

Descriptions of the top five Mosaic lifestyle groups.

These 5 lifestyle segments, along with the General Descriptions of the Top 5 Lifestyles, offer a "portrait" of the moods, motivations, aspirations, and spiritual yearnings of specific segments of people in the selected community/mission field. These portraits provide useful information for church planning--offering help in selecting and training leaders, designing hospitality and worship, adjusting educational strategies, focusing affinities for small groups, and targeting outreach projects. as well as advertising, marketing, facilities/technologies management, and fund-raising strategies.

General Descriptions of the Top 5 Lifestyles

1. Platinum Prosperity.

2. Soulful Spenders.

3. Urban Ambition.

4. Striving Single Scene.

5. Family Funtastic